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Copyright & Information Use
Legal Issues
  • No Library material may be reproduced for commercial purposes nor used for any other commercial purpose without the Librarian’s consent. Personal details of Library users may not be disclosed to other users, nor shall any person use the computerised facilities of the Library to obtain or process data except in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Library staff may however disclose information on the loans of individual users for the purposes of disciplinary procedures. Copying, scanning and printing facilities are provided on the condition that the Library users making photocopies do so in accordance with the Copyright, Act 1987.
  • If a person using a Library photocopier infringes the provisions of the Act, that person will be deemed wholly responsible for the infringement.
  • Any member of the University staff may act, as appropriate, to uphold the Library rules.
  • Fines, at rates determined by the Librarian, will be charged on overdue items.
  • Damage to Library materials or property including the defacing or removal of pages will be regarded as an offence under the Regulations for Conduct. A reader who damages, fails to return (or returns in a damaged condition) any material shall be liable to pay the cost of replacement or repair, at the discretion of the Librarian.
  • The Librarian may withhold Library services and/or facilities for any infringement of these Rules. In exceptional circumstances the Librarian may exclude from the Library any person whose behaviour, in the opinion of the Librarian, is prejudicial to the proper conduct of the Library.

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