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Borrow & Return
Borrow and Return
  • To maintain the Library collection in good condition, users are requested to treat the Library materials carefully. Books and other Library materials must not be mutilated or defaced. Full replacement cost will be charged for any item lost or damaged including a handling charge of RM20.00.
  • Borrowers are required to return or renew their loans when due. The date due is indicated on the due slip. Fines are imposed for late returns.
  • University Identity Card or IC card must be produced when borrowing library materials. Members must ensure that all library materials in their possession have been properly issued to them before leaving the Library.
  • Borrowers are responsible for all materials charged out using their account.
  • Borrowers must return or renew library materials when due. The due date is stamped on the date due slips attached to the library materials.
  • Notices sent by the Library serve as a reminder to the borrower and non-receipt of the notices does not absolve any user from paying fines or other penalties as stated in the rules.
  • All library materials are deemed to be loan until the loans are cancelled by the Library.
  • Borrowers are responsible for any library materials found damaged. They must check for and report any damages before the loan process.
  • Library materials lost or damaged must be paid for or replaced by the borrowers.
  • Borrowers must report the lost of library materials to the User Services Counter immediately. Borrowers are liable to pay overdue fines, calculated from the date due to the date when the materials were reported lost or if subsequently found, to the date the book is returned. The cost of replacement for library materials lost, inclusive of fines and surcharges, is not refundable.
  • No Library material shall be removed from Library premises until its issue has been properly recorded. Materials borrowed shall be returned within the stipulated loan period and their return properly recorded at the Library. Items are returned in a Book Drop at the user's risk and are regarded as the responsibility of the borrower still, until the return has been properly recorded. Further loans will not normally be permitted to a borrower who has one or more overdue items.
  • Any material borrowed may be recalled after seven days of being issued if it has been requested for use by another reader. It must be returned as specified in the recall notice.
  • Please return items no later than the due date to the circulation counter or book drop or by post.
  • The 24-hour book drop is located at the Library main Entrance.
  • Note books borrow from Interlibrary Loans should not be returned via the Book Drop.
  • Fines will be recorded when the overdue loans are returned. Fines should be paid as soon as possible otherwise borrowing privileges will be withdrawn.
  • Book loaned from the Open Collection can be renewed 3 times, on the condition that the item has not been reserved by another user and that there are no outstanding fines.
  • Please inform Library Staff at the Information & Services Counter (ext. 1210) or contact us by phone if you would like a staff member to renew your loans.
  • You can also renew items electronically using the My Account facility. You will need to login to use this facility.
  • Reminder notices are sent if an item is overdue.
  • Your borrowing rights will be automatically suspended if resources are not returned within 14 days after the due date.
  • You will be invoiced for an item's replacement cost if it is lost or damaged whilst in your care.
  • For materials that are already on loan, you may submit online reservation request using the OPAC. You will be notified personally via e-mail when the materials are available.
  • Reservations may be placed on items that are on loan and you will be notified when the item is ready for collection.
  • The item awaiting collection will be held at the loans desk for seven days before being placed back in circulation.
  • No charges are incurred when placing reservations.
  • Ask at the loans desk or contact us by phone if you would like a staff member to place a reservation on an item for you.
  • You can also place reservations electronically using the Library Catalogue.
  • Some bibliographic items, pieces of equipment, lockers and various rooms are available for bookings.
  • If you have an item which is more than 14 days overdue, you will be automatically debarred from borrowing items or using library services until the overdue item is returned.
Replacement cost and damaged item
  • Purchase the item and replace it (plus processing fee of RM 20 per item) or Request the Library to replace it (full replacement cost plus processing fee of RM 20 per item).
  • All item replaced must be of the latest edition
  • No cancellation of the replacement charge is allowed if the user finds the lost items after having paid for the replacement bill.
  • Users will be billed for the cost of repairing damaged materials while on loan to them.

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