Welcome to Universiti Tenaga Nasional Information Resource Centre (IRC).

Unit & Function
Cataloguing and Administration Unit
  • Manage and maintain the administration of the IRC.
  • Plan, prepare, and compile ISO, meeting, budget, KPI, Risk Register, and staffing related activities and documents.
  • Control and manage files and documents within UNITEN 365.
  • Managing bibliographic and cataloguing records.
  • Resource Description and Access (RDA) Management.
  • Process of Managing Technical Material.
  • Controlling Bibliographic Information.
Resource Development and Strategic Transformation Unit
  • Acquiring Printed Materials.
  • Managing gift and exchange transactions.
  • Electronic book and electronic resource acquisition.
  • Developing and Evaluating Collection.
  • Management of ISBN Request.
  • Coordinating Librarian Liaisons.
  • Managing Archive and Preservation.
  • Managing Material Maintenance.
  • Planning and executing IRC project initiatives.
System Management and Institutional Repository Unit
  • Management of the subscription to Printed Serials.
  • Responsible for the Digitalization Project and DSpace Development.
  • Administration of Internal Publications and Research Documents.
  • Overseeing the AV and Theses Collection.
  • Management of the ISSN Process.
  • Overseeing the development and maintenance of the Library's website and web content.
  • Supervision and administration of the Integrated Library System (KOHA).
  • Managing complaints and organizing IT facilities.
Information & Customer Services Unit
  • Reference Services, Consulting, and Research Management.
  • Promotion, Marketing, and Information Literacy Management.
  • Coordination of the Library's Accreditation and Visit.
  • Managing Library Publication, Newsletter, and Annual Report.
  • Developing the Index and Abstract.
  • Managing Circulation and Services to Customers.
  • Managing ILL and Delivery of Documents.
  • Administration of Library Services, Facilities, Counters, and Service Entrance.
  • Managing and expanding the content of LibGuides.
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) management.
  • Customer Complaint Officer (CCO) and CRM Management.
E-Resources Unit
  • Management and oversight of the Information Library System Management (ILMS) system.
  • Overseeing the development of the Library Portal and online services.
  • Managing IT Facilities and Handling Complaints.
  • Manage and monitor the subscription to online resources.
  • Prepare an analysis of the online resource statistics report.
  • Supervise the access of online resources.
  • Plan and monitor the subscription budget's allocation and expenditures.
  • Manage online resources downtime and coordinate complaints.
  • Prepare MyLED and Malaysian Academic Library statistics data entry.
  • Continue negotiations with the vendor regarding subscription costs, terms and conditions, technical setting and etc.
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