Welcome to Universiti Tenaga Nasional Information Resource Centre (IRC).

Library Facilities
Study Spaces
  • The IRC provides a variety of study spaces for staff, students and researchers of the University.
  • These range from individual study spaces for quiet study, group study rooms where students can work together on projects or discussion.

Info Lab
  • The IRC provides two computer labs to assist users with the User Education Programs and training.
  • Users may proceed the lab's reservation for other appropriate activities.
  • The labs are located at level 5 and adjacent to each other.
  • For reservation, please contact Circulation Division staff. Tel: 603-8921-2020 ext. 1203

24-Hours Study Area
  • This area is open for 24 Hours Study Area for users to study during examination week.
  • It is also equipped with WIFI connection and plug points for users’ usage.

Learning Commons
  • The IRC provides the Learning Commons Study Area for leisure reading and common discussion environment.
  • There are more 200 reader spaces and 20 computers with WIFI facilities.
  • The new concept of library environment is for those who wish to study in small groups with low-volume conversation

  • There are more than 200 lockers located in a room near the IRC entrance.
  • These lockers are available for rental on a monthly basis.
  • Users may leave their personal belongings in these lockers. However, the IRC will not be responsible for any losses incurred to the users.
  • Students can reserve the available lockers and obtain the key at the Information & Service Counter.

Information & Services Counter
  • At the Information & Service Counter, a qualified Librarian provides assistance in locating information and helps users make the most effective use of the Library's facilities, services and collections.
  • The Information & Service Counter is the place to begin when you need assistance in using the Library or in locating material for your research or information needs.
  • The reference staff can help you master the complexities of the electronic and printed resources which serve as guides to the library's collections.
  • Whether your need is for specific information or for advice in developing a term paper, the staff can assist you in fully utilizing the available resources.
  • The following services are provided by the Information & Service Counter:
  • Borrow & return of the book.
  • General and specific enquiry.
  • Literature search services.
  • Instruction on the use of indexes, abstracts and reference works.
  • Instruction on searching CD-ROMs and computerized databases.
  • Compilation of reading lists and bibliographies.
  • Assistance in locating research information from printed and computerized sources.
  • Individualized consultation for research.
  • Course related Library Instructions.

Examination Hall
  • The Examination Hall is located at Level 6 and is used for examination or test purposes.
  • Users and outsiders can reserve this hall at Facility Management, Safety and Security Department (FMS).
  • The IRC Auditorium is available for use to the University community and external organizations.
  • It is located at Level 2 at the Main Entrance of Universiti Tenaga Nasional IRC, the auditorium has a seating capacity of 250 pax.
  • It is a suitable venue for any University’s events or functions.
  • This facility is managed by the Facility Management, Safety and Security Department (FMS) and the reservation could be made by filling in the form provided by them.
  • For reservation, please contact FMS Division staff: Hana@uniten.edu.my, Tel: 603-8921-2020 ext. 1479

General Information

The 24-hour Study Area @ UNITEN Library is open to members of the University for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except during Public Holiday.