Welcome to Universiti Tenaga Nasional Information Resource Centre (IRC).

Library Services
Library Search Skills Class
  • Library search skills class describes the preliminary steps which should be taken to ensure finding all relevant information.
  • It will focus on how to use OPAC, Online Databases and other electronic resources.
  • The students will be introduced to reference sources in their respective fields and the most effective way of retrieving the needed information.
  • These classes are planned for small group of not more than 15 students.
Assistance and Advice
  • Show you how to use the Library OPAC and other online services to retrieve materials.
  • Suggest the appropriate subject headings that you can use when searching for materials on a particular topic in the computer catalogue.
  • Help you to find more information for your tutorial topics or projects by using some of the materials in Reference Collection.
  • Show you how to find relevant periodical articles for your assignments by using the periodicals index.
  • Suggest outside sources where the materials can be obtained if they are not available in our library.
User Education Program
  • The Library aims to promote effective use of information, information sources and information systems by conducting Library Instructional Programmes.
  • These include one-to-one library orientation for UNITEN Academic Staff and library workshops for undergraduate and graduate students, to help them search for information related to their assignments or projects, and resource-specific instructions targeting both academic and administrative staff.
  • It also aims to teach and assist users to effectively utilize all information sources, services and facilities provided by the library.
Library Visit
  • Universiti Tenaga Nasional Library is an open access facility.
  • We are pleased to offer a multitude of services for all members of Malaysian Community.
  • Visitors may use our Library facilities until closing or until 10.00pm when the library is operating 24 hours.
  • While on-site, you have access to all of the library's databases and electronic resources, as well as professional assistance from reference librarians and subject specialists.
  • Visitors may also print and scan documents, and are welcome to read or use any of the books in our collection.
  • In order to access the Internet, Online Databases and electronic resources, you will need to show a Uniten Library Member ID.
General Information

The 24-hour Study Area @ UNITEN Library is open to members of the University for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except during Public Holiday.