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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: When is the IRC open?
Answer: IRC is open from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. on Sunday to Thursday. Please refer to the Library Opening Hours.
Question: Is there any dress code etiquette in the IRC?
Answer: Yes, it is. IRC user should follow the university dress code etiquette.
Question: Why does my bag must be checked when I walk in and out of the IRC?
Answer: Bag checking must be done by the staff in charge at library main entrance to ensure that users do not bring in items (e.g.: food, drink except plain drink, cigarette and etc.) inside the IRC or bring out the library items illegally (e.g.: reference material, DVD player, LCD projector, microphone and etc).
Off-Campus Access
Question: How to access to subscribed databases outside the campus?
Answer: You can access those databases through the library website. Please refer to Out Campus Access for further details
Question: What is Out-Campus Access?
Answer: The library provides Out-Campus Access to allow Internet access using online resources outside the campus.
Question: Could I give my User ID and password to another user so that he can access to our databases?
Answer: No, you could not disclose your user ID and password to another person. We are not responsible for any misuse of User ID and password..
Borrow and return of Library Materials
Question: How many books can be borrowed at one time?
Answer: Total number of borrowing is depending on material as well as user category. Please refer to the borrowing eligibility table.
Question: How long is the borrowing period allowed?
Answer: The period of borrowing is subject to material and user category. Please refer to the borrowing eligibility table.
Question: Is borrowing using the other’s card permissible?
Answer: No. IRC user is not allowed to borrow IRC materials using another user’s card.
Question: Could I borrow the library materials without student/staff card?
Answer: No, you could not.
Question: Could I borrow or return IRC materials if there is electricity or network failure?
Answer: Borrowing and returning are not allowed during electricity or network failure because the IRC could not identify both borrower and material status.
Fine and Lost of Library Materials
Question: How much is the fines for late return?
Answer: Please refer to fines for late return
Question: May I make an appeal for fines and compensation of lost material?
Answer: Appeal for fines can be considered by filling up a form and submitting to the Librarian, Information & Customer Services Unit. However, appeal for compensation of lost materials is not allowed.
Question: What should I do when the loan material is lost?

Please inform to the Librarian, Information & Customer Services Unit immediately to avoid more fines for late return. One month period will be provided to find the material. If the material still does not found, user has to pay according to the price of the material or buy the same title/edition.

Loan and reservation
Question: How many times loan renewal can be made?
Answer: Loan materials can only be renewed 3 times. However, renewal is not allowed if there is another user already reserves the material.
Question: How can I place a reservation?
Answer: In order to place a reservation, you first need to perform a search using the Library Catalogue. As you browse through the records retrieved by your search, you can place a reservation for individual titles or for a set of titles.
Inter-Library Loan
Question: Who may use the service?
Answer: The inter-library loan is a service offered to the Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) to faculty members, students, and staff who are engaged in research.The conditions of this service are set by the National Library Sistem Perbekalan Antara Perpustakaan
Question: What materials can be borrowed?
Answer: Books and other monographic materials may be borrowed, and photocopies of journal articles are provided. Newspaper articles are difficult to obtain in a timely manner; many institutions do not circulate dissertations and theses. The Infomation & Customer Services Unit staff can provide information for the borrower to purchase dissertation materials, or information on local sites that may have these materials for onsite use or photocopying. Inter-library Loan requests cannot be accepted for materials available at UNITEN IRC unless the materials are indicated as missing on the OPAC. The requestor will be directed to the owning IRC for the material.
Question: What is the time required?
Answer: The average time required to obtain material from another source is between three days to two weeks. When several sources must be contacted before an available copy is located, the process may take longer. In all cases, incomplete or incorrect information on the request form will delay the borrowing process.
Question: What is the duration of loans?
Answer: The loan period for borrowed material is set by the lending library and is indicated on a due date slip in the book. Materials borrowed from other sources cannot be renewed. In the interest of maintaining good relations with lending libraries, due dates must be honoured. Borrowers will be billed for non-returned overdue items. If a borrower continually disregards due dates, it may be necessary to refuse further service. Books should be returned to the Information & Services Counter, Level 2.
Question: What is the restriction on use?
Answer: Universiti Tenaga Nasional IRC is bound by any restriction on use imposed by the lending library. Some libraries require that the materials they lend be used in the borrowing library only. Some do not allow photocopying. Some require the signature of readers of unpublished dissertations. The borrower should not let others use the books on loan unless special arrangements have been made.
Question: What is the borrower’s obligation?
Answer: Pick up and return materials promptly. Unclaimed books will be returned to the lending library, and unclaimed photocopies will be discarded. The staff reserves the right to refuse privileges to users who repeatedly fail to pick up ordered items or to return materials when due. Borrowing materials from other institutions is a privilege. Users are expected to honour any restrictions that are stipulated by the lending library, in order for the reciprocal network to continue to provide materials for the entire UNITEN research community.
Question: Can we borrow recently published books?
Answer: It is often difficult to borrow recently published books on inter-library loan because they are in demand at the libraries owning them. You may wish to suggest the purchase of such materials for the UNITEN IRC collection. Please enquire at the Information & Services Counter for details.
Question: How many requests can be made at one time?
Answer: Currently, there is no limit on requests.UNITEN IRC attempts to provide all needed materials, serving the entire UNITEN Community.If an individual submits a number that prevents other user requests from being processed in a timely manner, the staff reserves the right to require that individual to prioritise, and/or to personally utilise local libraries for a few of the items requested.
Question: Is there a charge?
Answer: There is no charge for borrowing books from lending libraries.There will be charges for costs incurred in obtaining photocopies and having books sent on speedier services other than the IRC rate at the request of Borrowers.
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