Inter-Library Loan Request

Request for an Inter Library Loan


What is an Inter-library Loan?

  • Resource sharing from other libraries for books not available in UNITEN Library collection.


Who can request for Inter Library Loan?

  • Academic staff and Post- graduate students.


Do I have to pay for Inter library Loan service?

  • There is no charge for this service.


How do I submit an Inter library Loan request?

  • Before submitting a request, please ensure that the item is not available in the UNITEN library collection.
  • If the item is not available, kindly fill up the Inter-Library Loan Request Form.


When will the book arrive and how will I know it is here?

  • Once the form has been submitted, it will take around 3- 7 working days, however, some take 2-3 weeks depending on where the items is from. The requests are processed within 24 hours of receipt; however, we are constrained by the response time of the supplying centre / agent. The Library will notify you via email.


Where do I pick up the item(s) that I requested through Inter library Loan?

  • Items may be picked up at the Circulation Counter of your campus Library.


What is the loan period for item(s) borrowed through Inter library Loan?

  • The loan period is 2 weeks (14 days).


Where should I return the item(s) that I borrowed through Inter library Loan (ILL)?

  • You may return the item(s) at any of the UNITEN libraries
  • Tuesday, 25 October 2016