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Zero Waste Campaign @ UNITEN

Zero Waste Campaign @ UNITEN

In our efforts to promote Zero Waste @ Office, we would like to encourage all to show our support by segregating all waste and placed them in the relevant recycle bins in the designated office pantries. With the implementation of this initiative, effective 18th September 2018, the cleaners will NOT be coming by in the morning to empty the dustbins in your rooms or office spaces.

In view of this, we would like to share some recycling tips as we embarked on self-service recycling culture:-

1. Paper of all sorts is acceptable, including books, flyers, magazines, junk mail, and colored paper. Cardboard can be recycled as long as it is not saturated with food and oil.

2. Most metallic items can be recycled, such as empty spray cans and tin foil, and of course, all soft drinks, fruit, vegetable and other food cans.

3. Most plastic materials can be recycled, from plastic bottles and their tops and lids too. Rinse them prior to placing them in the recycling bin.

4. It is recommended that we always rinse out any items and containers prior to placing them into the recycling bin. Not only will this avoid contaminating the whole bin with food and other residue, but this will also prevent this recycle bin from smelling and keep away any pests or rodents.

5. If the any paper, metal or plastic products that are saturated with food and oil and not able to be washed, you may place them in the General Waste recycling bin.

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